Oxford Study Courses are an established Oxford-based International Baccalaureate course provider with over 25 years of experience. The brief was to redesign their website, simplify their user journeys while modernising the design.

They have a clear goal on their site, and that is to get the users to sign up to one of their courses or purchase one of their study guides. They wanted this to be as easy as possible for the users to get to, whether they were at home on their desktop computer or simply on their phone.

We love working with all types of local business in and around Oxford and were extremely proud to have been chosen to take on the task of redesigning and relaunching such an established and highly regarded establishment online.


We worked closely with their in-house marketing department to tease out the requirements for this project and audit the current site.

We analysed the user-journeys throughout their previous site and identified the key ones, alongside discussing the style and aesthetics they were after for their new site.

These discussions and meeting provided us with enough of a base to go away and get our design team working on modernising their site while keeping in mind the goal of the site and converting their users.


The conversion rate on the OSC website have improved significantly since the redesign, and since the site has gone live, they have followed the style and design in all other areas of the marketing, online and offline.

We remain good friends with all the people we met while working on the OSC website and are very proud of the impact we have had on their business.