The guys at Oxford Polo approached us with a clear direction for where they wanted their Polo School to go and asked us how we could translate this into a website and an online experience.

Their target audience is one that expects quality and Oxford Polo certainly provides it. Everything they do is high-end, and they needed a website that reflected that. They had different markets to approach, wanted to differentiate themselves from their competition and wanted to show that they are building a community in the south of England, doing what they love.


It was important to understand what the team at Oxford Polo meant by “high quality” and what their particular tastes were. They knew their target audience very well, so it was important that we had early kick-off meetings with them to get our hands on their knowledge as it proved to be gold dust in the design stage of their site.

The real match-winner on this project was the competitor analysis we did at the start. They wanted to stand out from the competition, but how would we achieve this without auditing and critiquing their competitors.

They wanted a modern site; built on sound foundations. We made sure that even though we delivered a bespoke design that differentiated them from the rest. We delivered the site was on our tried and tested WordPress CMS framework.


Oxford Polo always have been pro-active at generating content, whether it be gorgeous photography or an update on an event they are holding in the not too distant future.

Before they instructed us at Mass Impressions, they had all this great content hidden away a restricted by the clumsy website technology they had in place.

Now they have a fully updateable website with a custom bold and striking design sitting in front of a simple system that they can use to market themselves digitally however and whenever they like.