When Riverbank approached us, they had some clearly set out goals that they wanted to achieve with the project. They were already in WordPress but in an old version that was hard to update, they had also invested in the idea of paid traffic to their site that was delivering underwhelming results.

They wanted a new website that they could update themselves. They wanted to improve conversion rates and get more leads through their website. Their service offering online was complicated and confusing to the user.

It was clear that they wanted us to redesign their site and deliver them a site that expressed their values as a company. “IT is about business goals and not about very technical conversations.” This drove the decisions made in the design phase. User journeys and UX design were essential to achieving their goals.


We worked closely alongside the in-house marketing department and the board of directors at Riverbank to devise a solution to where they were currently going wrong.

We approached it from an SEO standpoint and devised a new sitemap prioritising their services and their content that spoke to their desired target audience(s) about their values rather than highly technical pages full of jargon. This drove the discussion for the design positioning important conversion points at key areas of critical pages.

We approach every project from a fresh viewpoint making sure we identify certain nuances in each problem. Riverbank had an issue that would not be fixed overnight, so we put in place a roadmap to work together with them over 12months to improve their Google ranking and lead generation through their website. Anyone can put a lick of paint on a crumbling wall but who wants to stick around to help build the new wall from the ground up.


Riverbank now has a custom designed website that can be managed entirely in-house using our drag-and-drop page builder development in the CMS. Since launch, search rankings have improved, conversion rates are up and bounce rates are down, but we have not stopped there.

We continue to be involved in their on-going SEO and site maintenance and meet once a month to make sure the road map we have set out for them is still on track and if there are any tweaks or shifts in direction we do this in collaboration with their in-house team. This not only ensures they do not drift off course but means that they learn invaluable skills so that they can manage most of the process themselves.