We work with some of the world’s most successful WordPress teams. We look after numerous websites. We’ve launched literally hundreds. And we deliver the very best maintenance and support services to keep client websites in tip top condition.


To us, a website is much more than words, pictures and code. It’s a living thing, a business, and it’s your most important marketing tool. They evolve over time in line with business goals and your marketplace. Our support plans provide:

  • Free website hosting with WPEngine
  • Free migration, setup & onboarding – we’ll get you started immediately
  • Monthly WordPress & plugin updates – no more annoying update alerts
  • 24/7 Security monitoring to keep your site safe and anything nasty out
  • Daily off-site back-ups with single click restores
  • Premium theme updates whenever their released
  • Speed and performance monitoring for minimal load times
  • Access to expert WordPress developers when you need them most
  • Strategic advice, planning and consultancy from one of the world’s best WordPress teams

It doesn’t matter whether your web presence is a relatively simple personal blog or a complex multi-layered and multi-functional brand website. With our help your WordPress-hosted online presence will retain its impact, good looks and powers of persuasion.


For a start, a website isn’t just a collection of online pages, or even just a business. The sites we maintain represent our clients income, their future, their family’s welfare, wealth, health and happiness.

But there’s more. Both search engines and humans love fresh new content. People get fed up when a site doesn’t load fast enough, or properly, or it doesn’t work properly, or the links are broken. All these are vital elements if you want your website to perform perfectly, win friends, influence people and encourage sales conversion.

Then there’s the security side of things. If it’s on the web, someone will eventually try to hack it. Every website owner is engaged in a constant battle to keep them out and stop them causing mischief. Or they would be if they had the time and expertise – many don’t, which is why so many sites get hacked. With our help, yours won’t.

And what about hosting? If that’s not right, your entire business is in jeopardy. Adding free hosting to all our support packages means our client sites sit on the same host as ours, safe and solid as a rock.

If you’d like us to handle all this and more, keeping your site up to date, secure, a pleasure to use and functioning perfectly, apply now.