You’ve had a website for some time… but it’s looking a bit tired. Bring it back to life and give it fresh appeal, directly in line with contemporary trends and new technologies.


Any web development company worth their salt will recognise when an existing website would benefit from judicious tweaking rather than throwing the whole thing out and starting from scratch. We never recommend a fresh start when you already have a good basis to work with.

Your site might work perfectly well in every respect apart from the way it looks. It’s subtle, but design trends change and before you know it your site can end up looking old fashioned and clunky. On the other hand you might need to go a step further and take new technologies into account, even if your existing content still fits the bill.


Your current site might not be fully responsive, unable to render properly on mobile devices and small screens. The navigation might be far too complex for today’s taste, begging for simplification. Your brand livery might be tired. Your site might simply have become sprawly and messy over time, ripe for reining back in.

The thing is, chopping and changing a website is fraught with risk. There are all sorts of essential technical considerations. If you get it wrong you can easily trash your search engine results visibility, lose custom, trash your hard-won backlink profile or fall so foul of Google and co’s guidelines that you end up attracting a penalty. You need a web development agency who understands all the implications of redesign. That’s us.