WordPress powers nearly a third of all websites on the internet. WordPress is the content management system that allows website owners to update and publish content without having to tackle any complex code.

A ‘WordPress Theme’ is built on top of WordPress and creates the look, feel, and functionality of a website. Making themes and selling them online is big business with big players shaping the face of the internet. The very best WordPress themes are now hugely powerful frameworks that allow creative agencies like us plan, design and deliver almost any design imaginable.

Leading the way is ThemeFusion. A global team of web designers and WordPress developers. They produce Avada, which is the best selling and most flexible WordPress theme framework of all time. It’s built-in features, simple option panels and drag-and-drop page builders make it the most versatile addition to WordPress in the world. Our official partnership with ThemeFusion is unique. We work alongside their team on a daily basis to help them craft and refine the entire Avada experience which is central to all our ongoing client work.


There’s something fascinating about working with the world’s best. We have a small window into one of the finest WordPress teams on the planet, as they shape the marketplace. They value our expertise, web design skills and our hands-on experience of working with Avada in a client context every day.

Our official partnership is a two-way relationship that gives Mass Impressions a place by their side at the front of the marketplace. The continual success of Avada is an entirely humbling experience. It powers nearly a quarter of a million websites around the world and ThemeFusion continues to build a WordPress legacy that is unrivalled in the industry. We’ve been lucky enough to partner them on that journey.

“The fact that the Mass Impressions team uses Avada for their work is an astounding endorsement that gives us no small sense of pride. We are delighted to partner with them and always amazed by every single client website that Mass Impressions crafts.”


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WordPress is a completely free and an entirely open source platform. The Avada Framework is available on, and if your business isn’t ready to work with a professional web design team, we actively encourage you to give the out-of-the-box templates that ship with Avada a try.

However, if you’d like focused help and you think your business could benefit from working with the world’s best, then we’re here to help. We consistently translate complex business goals into simple, easy to use and beautiful, fresh online experiences. We partner our clients to maximise their web strategy, so they enjoy long-lasting results. We share our knowledge and bright ideas openly, tapping into your expertise to ensure the websites we create touch exactly the right nerve, boost your brand and impact your bottom line.

Inside that commitment to you and your business, WordPress and Avada help us deliver what we say we will, on time and in-budget, exceeding expectations every time.



What does the three time King of Comedy do when he wants to take his online presence to the next level? Simple. He calls us.

Jack Whitehall

We do much more than web design. Web development takes things a step further. It can involve anything from content development to coding, markup to server scripting and network security configuration. Whatever you need, you can trust us to give you common sense, plain language advice. Jack demands the best and we help him get it.



We understand that your website isn’t just a collection of online pages or even just a business. Your website supports your wealth, health and happiness. We always look to focus your investment where it matters most. Delivering back into your business goals and providing a return on your investment. We make promises to our clients and Avada allows us to deliver on those promises.

Our official partnership and working relationship with ThemeFusion allows us to work differently than any other web agency on the planet. We cut through the misshapen belief that every line of code is better built from scratch. The belief that WordPress developers in dark rooms crafting every aspect of your website from a standing start is practical, cost-effective or, in practice, ever likely achieve the same results as tapping into over 250,000 collective hours by the world’s very best, is quite simply nonsense.

Our approach helps every one of our clients punch well above their weight. No other agency boasts such a unique relationship with the world’s best WordPress development team. Our clients benefit from this partnership at every step of the process.