Entertainment has the power to connect and inspire people. This belief fuels Mass Impressions. Our dedicated team has one goal and one goal only: to help our clients reach the widest possible audience and get the most out of what they do.

People first, people last

We founded Mass Impressions in 2011 with one guiding principle and it still holds true today: “Never lose sight of the people.” Quality comes from people who like what they do and our business requires a heartbeat, passion, enjoyment. Believing in people leads to our core philosophy: win-win, sustainably.

Results silence bullshit

We thrive when our clients thrive and we are passionate about what they do. They trust us and we trust them. Our idea of partnership is built with the long term in mind. Who defines What we do – not vice-versa. The strategy is unique, the services high-quality.

Part of the entourage

We only work with a select few clients whom we believe in. We share rough patches so we can celebrate together. Our team is small, flexible, responsive. And personable. We value strong relationships because, when we understand and trust each other, we can communicate more efficiently: honestly, openly, directly.

Simple is as simple does

Methods and actions may be complex but our approach is simple: to listen and to communicate. We make processes transparent, find the best solutions, deliver clear results – all with a dose of humour. Success is our measure but we work in entertainment for a reason. And if we can’t all have fun, something is wrong.