YouTube offers a unique opportunity to build your own channel and monetise its content. YouTube is unlike any other social media platform: Results are earnt, not given. Profile and personality only get you so far. That said, the rewards of a successful channel can way exceed those of all the other social media platforms combined.

We’ve all watched YouTube videos. YouTube accounts for around 25% of all global mobile traffic. And over 1 billion hours of content is watched worldwide every day. So with all those eyeballs watching all those videos, why is success on YouTube so elusive? It’s a simple question. But, with so much noise and complexity, it’s easy to miss why a channel thrives and countless ones fall.

Profile only gets you so far

Many of our clients now have massive YouTube Channels – such as Russell Brand, Jack Whitehall, Jimmy Carr and Sarah Millican. Prominent personalities often approach us after being somewhat underwhelmed by their initial impact on the platform. Success on YouTube is very, very rarely achieved by profile alone. And even then, its influence is fleeting. The truth is that YouTube is not for everyone. But, if you can produce enough quality content, the juice is well worth the squeeze.

Content is king

It’s a cliche, but the content is king. YouTube is a hungry beast. The fastest-growing channels turnaround and publish new videos at a daunting rate. YouTube is different from all other social media platforms. Consistency is key. Inconsistent strategies are not worth the paper they are written on. You need a team that knows YouTube, understands you and your audience, has an eye for great content, turns videos around quickly and can dive into the data to optimise. Those teams don’t grow on trees.

How does YouTube work

YouTube is Google’s video platform. YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally, operating in much the same way as Google. It wants to serve up the most relevant video for any search term. It’s naturally more visual – but the same principles apply. Yes, it can get technical, but the focus needs to be on creating great content.

With years of expertise in the entertainment industry, we know how busy you are. We know that your time is valuable and producing endless YouTube content is rarely a good use of your time. Through a combination of new content and your back catalogue, we can optimise a strategy that gives you a choice about how much time you choose to give to the platform. Unlike other social media platforms, once your YouTube channel grows successfully, it quickly starts making money.

Partners over projects

We work quietly backstage. Our commitment is to you – and to helping you get the most out of what you do. A YouTube channel is a commitment that requires an ongoing partnership. Our in-house experts can either integrate with your existing team or manage the entire channel for you: one team, no faff. Working together, we look to:

  • Implement an engaging and authentic strategy
  • Turn around new content quickly
  • Maximise a back catalogue of previous content
  • Dive into the data and look for emerging trends
  • Increase watch time on your videos
  • Gain more subscribers and grow the channel
  • Earn more Ad Revenue
  • Achieve more audience engagement
  • Attain higher organic rankings, so more people find your videos
  • Appear in ‘Suggested Video’ recommendations
  • Integrate YouTube into your other social platforms
  • Use your channel to promote new projects
  • Identify possible brand partnerships and sponsored video ideas

None of this is possible without you. Once we’re up and running, you can be as involved as possible. YouTube success is earnt, but the rewards are well worth it with the right team.

Where are you based

Most of our major UK clients are in London. We work with the city’s leading personalities, rising stars, talent agencies, production companies and broadcasters. YouTube is inherently virtual – we’ve worked with channels worldwide. Keeping our head office in Oxford was a conscious choice – just an hour’s train ride away from Marylebone – easy and comfortable. Oxford proudly gives us access to great talent and skills, a cosmopolitan community, and new ideas. Some YouTube channels need us to film you – filming is best done as close to you as possible so we can maximise our time with you. However, YouTube channel management is best done remotely. If you have a back catalogue of content, we can keep the process as simple as possible and minimise any time we might need with you. We work while your channel earns you money.

‘Without you, I’d just be shouting jokes into an empty room!’

Jack Whitehall

Numbers do the talking

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YouTube. We Tube

YouTube. We Tube

Are you daunted by the prospect of a YouTube channel or underwhelmed by its initial impact? Reached a glass ceiling and looking for fresh ideas? The juice is well worth the squeeze. Talk to our team today.

YouTube. We Tube

YouTube. We Tube

Are you daunted by the prospect of a YouTube channel or underwhelmed by its initial impact? Reached a glass ceiling and looking for fresh ideas? The juice is well worth the squeeze. Talk to our team today.