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We deliver social media strategies to the biggest names in comedy. For over a decade, we’ve worked closely with comedians such as Jack Whitehall, Jimmy Carr, Micky Flanagan, Sarah Millican and Russell Brand to ensure their national and international tours are sold-out. Our unique approach is the best-kept secret in the business.

Sold-out comedy tours look seamless from a fan’s perspective. However, from the inside, they are a marathon, not a sprint. Traditionally, the biggest comedy tours follow a familiar pattern. After a successful launch, ticket sales often stagnate. Remaining tickets, trickier locations and new dates prove more difficult. TV appearances, social media posts, mailing lists and paid advertising have diminishing returns when you need them the most.

The big launch

A tour’s launch is crucial. The more successful the initial push, the more dates that can be added, and the easier it is to sustain momentum. With our clients, we have crafted the approach that virtually every prominent comedian has now adopted.

Exclusive pre-sales are now widely adopted, but few do it well. The proper preparation ensures maximum impact. The launch must include engaging, on-point social media posts and an incentive to join the mailing list so it’s primed for pre-sale action, and all paid digital marketing strategies are targeted and finely tuned. A unified approach maximises this crucial window.

Sustained momentum

Once a tour is successfully launched, the approach needs to evolve. Your core audience will likely have booked tickets, and your social platforms will be saturated. Reaching and mobilising a wider audience is paramount. Success in this phase is the difference between playing to a full-house or a padded-out venue that’s 80% full.

Our approach at this stage makes the difference and is truly unique. Built on years of experience, we focus on what we refer to as marginal gains. We move from an international or national strategy to a more nuanced approach – often localised. We implement a combination of innovative social media strategies, targeted organic and paid social posts, optimised landing pages and judicial use of your mailing list. It’s a data-driven approach designed to deliver maximum impact where you need it most, without overly saturating your social feeds or relying on you to do all the heavy lifting.

Numbers do the talking

Increase in ticket sales
Increased web views
Mailing list growth

‘Without you, I’d just be shouting jokes into an empty room!’

Jack Whitehall

On the road

With years of expertise in the entertainment industry, we know how busy you are when on tour. With tours and live events, the hype is nothing without ticket sales. We devise digital marketing strategies that promote, build audiences, and lead users to book their tickets. The wrong delivery will misfire and squander precious advertising budgets.

We’ve helped sell over 18 million tickets – money doesn’t buy you a full house. We know the difference between what will be heard and what gets lost in the noise. The initial impact is about quality over quantity, and a big splash. Sustained success is about marginal gains and sending the right people to the right places at the right time.

Finding a balance

Tour promoters naturally push for short-term gains. And, you can only tour so often, so there is no point leaving empty seats behind you. However, your social media presence is ongoing and must balance promotion and authenticity. We ensure everything on your profiles has purpose and impact – and keeps your audience engaged in the long term. Whilst working, each social platform works hard on your behalf.



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Bums on seats

Bums on seats

Mass Impressions is rooted in live entertainment. We've worked with top-tier talent, rising stars and everyone around them. Let's fire up your audience.

Bums on seats

Bums on seats

Mass Impressions is rooted in live entertainment. We've worked with top-tier talent, rising stars and everyone around them. Let's fire up your audience.