Our Approach


One team for faff-free social media that works for you

Our Approach
Our Approach



One team for faff-free social media that works for you

One team for faff-free social media that works for you

99% of social media strategies do not work for the top 1% of users. Standard formulas will make you busier, feel unnatural and disengage your audience. We’re here to change that with our faff-free, personalised approach exclusive to top-tier talent

Your Way is Our Way

What we do is clear: we deliver social media strategies to the elite 1%. We use your personality to keep your audience wanting more, and evolve as your career progresses. The goal is lasting relevance. #ResultsSilenceBullshit

How we do this is almost more important. We become part of your entourage. Taking our lead from you, we integrate with your team with a view to making you less busy. Because we believe that your social media should work for you – not the other way around.

Committed to you

We work exclusively with people who have several million followers. This expertise means we know top-tier talent. We understand your needs, your busy schedule, your existing structures. With simple processes, swift delivery and open conversations, we give you back your time to focus on what matters.

To us, it’s about people. Because we care, our commitment is to you. Our ability to do everything in-house allows us to combine quality with flexibility, and it means you only deal with one team. No faff.

Better together

Our dedicated team has one goal only: to help our clients reach the widest possible audience and get the most out of what they do. We take our lead from you, in close collaboration, and connect into existing structures. We coordinate with relevant stakeholders and deliver what’s needed when it’s needed.

We only work in long-term partnership with a hand-picked selection of clients who share our values. The better we know each other, the more reciprocal trust we build, the more effectively we communicate: no bullshit, we focus on results.

People first, people last

We founded Mass Impressions in 2009 with one guiding principle and it still holds true today: “Never lose sight of the people.” Quality comes from people who like what they do and our business requires a heartbeat, playfulness, enjoyment. Believing in people leads to our philosophy: win-win. Now and forever.

Results silence bullshit

We thrive when our clients thrive. Because they’re unique, Who defines What we do with one clear goal: to help our clients get the most out of what they do. Our partnership is built on trust and with the long term in mind. So we deliver what’s needed, when it’s needed: elite service, no guff, no bullshit. Just results.

Part of the entourage

We only work with a select few clients in whom we believe. We ride peaks and troughs so we can celebrate together. Our team is small, flexible, responsive. And personable. We value strong relationships because, when we understand and trust each other, we can communicate more efficiently: openly, directly.

Simple as simple does

Methods and actions may be complex but our approach is simple: to listen and to communicate. We make processes transparent, find the best solutions, deliver clear results – all with a dose of humour. Success is our measure but we work in entertainment for a reason. If we can’t all have fun, something is wrong.

The rest can faff off

Had enough of “creative” agencies and their formulas? Need a go-to team for social media you can trust? Let’s make this about you again
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